Register for A Week in Cuba with Harmonica Virtuoso Robert Bonfiglio

Travel to Havana and Cienfuegos May 22 – 29, 2019 join Robert Bonfiglio and Clare Hoffman for this remarkable musical exploration with Cuba’s most celebrated musicians in exclusive private performances.


Cuba is just a few miles south of the United States, but to most Americans it might as well be the far side of the moon. As the diplomatic relationship between the United States and the Republic of Cuba evolves after 57 years of embargo, the sanctioned People-to-People cultural and educational exchanges between the two countries are now the only legal opportunity for Americans to visit Cuba. And, there’s much to see, learn and inspire you.

Now in its fifth year of taking People-to-People delegations to Cuba, CR&V is pleased to present this once-in-a-lifetime experience for friends of the Grand Canyon Music Festival and its founders Robert Bonfiglio and Clare Hoffman. Imagine Cuba’s top musicians in a truly intimate and distinctive venue performing just for you. You will be uplifted by the music, make new friends and mingle with world-class musicians who just shared their inspired artistry with you.

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