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Their music. Their Art. Their Culture. Your Opportunity.

Cuba is just a few miles south of the United States, but to the majority of Americans, it might as well be on the moon. As the diplomatic relationship between the United States and the Republic of Cuba continues to degrade after 58 years of embargo, our cultural and educational experiences between the two peoples are deeply personal and one of the few legal opportunities for Americans to visit Cuba. And, there’s much to see, learn and inspire you, especially in Havana.

CR&V is pleased to present this special opportunity for you to experience arts, culture, people and nightlife of Havana over five nights and six days. You will dine in Havana’s world-renowned privately-owned paladares and stay in the finest hotel, the Meliã Cohiba. The reviews from our past delegates say it all.

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Meet Your Expert Guides.

Veteran music producers Woody Wilson and Neil Birnbaum have more than 70 years of combined experience presenting the world’s finest music and artists. Together, they have spent the past seven years exploring Cuba’s creative arts, engineering major cultural exchanges, and building cultural bridges that have helped to break down the barriers between our countries. Both men are dedicated to offering the highest attainable artistic excellence and a truly distinct experience. The result is a cultural exploration of Cuba that is the new benchmark for legal travel to this remarkable nation.

“I cannot tell you enough how incredible the trip was. I am using the word “transformational” with sincerity. The experiences continue to flood my brain…you put together an amazing trip for us.”

– Susan O – Boulder, CO