This trip is different from all the others. Our delegations uniquely blend full legal compliance with all US Government requirements with distinctive and insightful experiences in exclusive and intimate performance spaces not generally accessible to Americans. This trip includes the finest hotel and private restaurants (paladares), in addition to offering up close and personal experiences with Cuba’s most revered musicians, dancers, visual artists and social activists. Our group size is limited to ensure that your experience is unique and memorable.

This is the only legal trip to Cuba designed for passionate lovers of music, dance and the visual arts and Cuba has some of the best in the world. CR&V has taken hundreds of people to Cuba since 2013 and their testimonials speak for themselves.

Your host, veteran musician and symphony orchestra executive Neil Birnbaum, has more than thirty-five years of experience producing the world’s finest music and artists. Neil has spent the past twelve years exploring Cuba’s creative arts, curating major cultural exchanges, and building cultural bridges that help support the Cuban people.

CR&V is dedicated to offering the highest attainable artistic excellence and a truly distinctive experience. Delegates will be exposed to Cuba’s world-renowned jazz and nightlife along with performances of classical dance and music. We will meet with individual artists of all genres as well as representatives of private performing arts organizations to strengthen civil society in Cuba. From grand theaters to intimate salons, travelers will have access to some of Cuba’s most revered musicians and artists. The authentic Cuba will always reveal itself to the insightful and inquiring mind. The result is a cultural exploration that has become the benchmark for legal travel to this remarkable and isolated nation.